Dating. Nonexclusive. :(

This is so awkward. Cause I know he’s visiting my blog. Well, so be it. He knows naman. And he’s assumero so much kaya I will be posting you na. Haha jk.

I always told you I don’t know how we started. I kept on thinking how. But all I know is that you were the one who started it all. Don’t deny it, because you know it so damn well. 🙂

So we already have 3 dates in the making. First one was so unplanned. As we were heading the same road on the way home, we rode together. And then he

Him: “Kain tayo”

Me: “Okay lang” (another me: gabi na bes galing kapang OT HAHHA)


That was our first date. That time I knew there was something already. I’m not manhid nor assumera pero the way he talks to me, I knew there is something. His simple “goodmornings/good nights”, “ingat”, “kaen ka na”, “san ka na?”, “kumaen ka na?” (I told him this and he told me “binigyan mo kasi ng meaning” then me “ah ganon?!” him “joke lang, meron naman talaga”) HAHAHA

January 6 came. I was drunk. (Not too drunk) Basta I was drinking. Then I posted these tweets


Little did I know he was reading pala my tweets. Chismoso din e hahaha. So ayun. We were chatting via FB



Kaso di to natuloy. Nakatulog si beks. Hahaha. Pero kenekeleg ako hinintay nya daw ako nakatulog lang sya HAHAH he was out by 9am then ako almost 2pm na din ata yun.


Our picture while waiting for our order. It was my first time eating on Dampa ❤

January 8. Our second date. The Siargao. The Dampa. The holding hands. Gago yun, I was hit by my weakest side. (Nakakatawa he waited for an hr almost ata) HAHAHAH

Pero he confessed, that he’s not yet ready. He’s not into commitment. He’s being sorry. And I understand. After that, I was mad at him. Hahaha. For a day. The next day, I moved on. I’ll be friends with him.. Kasi he’s okay to be with e. So we agreed, wala ng holding hands a! LOL

Then January 14 came. Our third date. Friendly date. But on our way pa lang to MOA, he had this sweet gestures na agad. Sabi ko “Ano to?” HAHA tapos bibitawan niya kamay ko then kukunin ulit. Enebe!

There’s no such thing as “we” kasi he made it very clear na he’s not into relationships on this year cause it’s a do or die year for him. As next year would be his turning off age and he has not yet reached anything (as per him) which I understand. But I am happy when we are together. So, I’m gonna go with the flow.

Thank you for sticking with me anyways! 🙂 Till our next FRIENDLY date. XD

Playing “We don’t have to” by Jai

2 thoughts on “Dating. Nonexclusive. :(

  1. Hello, binasa ko yung ilang blogs mo. You’re style is kinda cliche pero nadedeliver mo naman yung thoughts/yung mga gusto mo sabihin and that’s whats important. Yun lang. Goodluck to your future endeavor. Way to go with your career and lovelife. Keep blogging 🙂

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