Look who God gave me

78, 9132 minutes (counted 00:32 in the clock when I started checking for the time)
13, 152 hours
548 days
78.29 weeks
18 months
1 year and 6 months

Yessss.. i’m for keeps lol hahahah, just kidding

What I was trying to say is that, wow.. I know that isn’t as long as other couples are, but I know Lorenz would agree with me on this but we never thought that we’d stay like this. Like, we started as what? Strangers with each other, just talking with each other online every night going to sleep, tried dating secretly.. then boom, the rest just happened.

548 days — so many things happened thru that span of time.

‘Course, we fight and made love, and traveled – one thing I never thought I’d like to do ‘coz I’ve been a home-office-home person. Lorenz, mylove, this is my third pahabol birthday gift to you. I know how much it makes you smile reading your portion here in my blog. I love you.. i hope this one will serve it’s purpose. So here it is.. a timehop of our love.

January 2018 – started dating, three weeks later – been official for 48 hours, split on the third day and after a week we found ourselves together again. He met my family on this month as well. We also had our first movie date (^Siargao^) and tried dampa for the first time.

February 2018 – He brought me on their home. Got my new phone (my dream phone which is in error right now huhu) and took our first photo. He’s rendering his last days on the company and I requested if we can at least have our first and last lunch date as colleagues and we did (we heard alot of pang-aasar, as expected, after) Our first valentines date together — Korean style hehe, with my favorite sweets and a love letter. I almost died of kilig. As a return, I treat him naman post valentines date and we had our second movie date here – and this movie date is memorable ^The Morning After^. Had my haircut and he’s being supportive. Celebrated our first monthsary together – he gave me the silver heart bracelet as a gift. He joined mom’s bday celebration. He made me watch “Catch me if you can” and gave me tuna pie and tinulugan nya ko while I was watching the movie hahaha lol and that’s how we ended Feb.

March 2018 – I got his childhood picture. He is still unemployed as of this month so he has this ‘hobby’ of hatid and sundo me as I go to work. We had our chinese-chinesean date this month as I was really craving for chinese cuisine. Afterwards, our coffee date. By the way, before this happened we were having telebabad via messenger and actually, the chinese chinesean date is not even planned at all. So there, we did it hehehe, we stayed at Starbucks until 11:20PM? We are starting to be comfortable with each other. I made him taste my specialty lol – tuna pasta hahaha. Sad he’s not into pasta but he still eat it with love. He’s making me feel I’m always beautiful (nasingit ko lang hahaha) We celebrated our 2nd monthsary on Pancake House – and he made my wish come true (eat tacos hahaha) He usually spends overnight and even goes to the house whenever I am sick and sick sick-an lang LOL hahahaha, buys my favorite chicken and bbq and drinks with me. He also spent his first team building with my team. Every week my shift ends, he’s always there to wait for me. We ended up March by dating on a food park.

April 2018 – We continued watching the Marvel CU in sequence. Betsin night, as I named it. Usual weekend date ‘someone actually captured as a paparazzi shot’ while we were at the mall. We captured, on the other hand, our first family pic (Me, Lorenz and Whinkey). This month is kinda busy on him as he is looking for a job. I got frustrated everytime he is frustrated whenever he’s facing difficulties looking for a company that will hire him. It was client’s visit this month, I need office clothes – he went to Divi with me and made the tawad tawad and made comments if the damit I will buy suits me or not. Damn, this one’s prangka and will tell me if it does not suit me even though I feel like it is hahaha. After client visit, it was my innovation pitch. Him being supportive, after applying he went straight on our home and I wake up with butchi on my bed with his notes making me feel his 100% support and love while he’s ironing my office attire that day. Patay na patay talaga sakin tong lalaki na to LOL charot hahaha. We ended April with watching Avengers:Infinity War together, which means us being OUT in the crowd. 😉

May 2018 – His first footland on my aunt’s home at Manggahan. Actually, second lol. First time lang na magkasama kami, his actual first is when I had my innovation pitch as he was invitied when my sister celebrated something there lol. Mother’s Day month – we shop for gifts for our mothers and also had Mother’s Date together. We made our moms meet and greet and eat together lol. Highlight of the month is our Tagaytay travel – my first time in Tagaytay and our first travel together.

June 2018 – Lorenz is hired and is celebrating his first day on this month! I am as happy as he was ❤ As a celebration, we had a quick date on KK and bought a glazed donut and a coffee courtesy of Booky. On the second week, he brought me champorado with canned evap pa. I was craving for champorado and timely it was his mom cooked one. We had our first breakfast together as professionals lol. This month we also cooked pancake and yakisoba – again, my crazy cravings Lorenz is fulfilling. Highlight of the month is my bestfriend’s wedding and we attended it together and he met my college besties.

July 2018 – He made me play ML hahaha, I got addicted with it for at least 2-3 days, I guess? It’s his birthmonth. As a little gift, after my shift I went straight on their home, surprise him with my presence, a cake and his necessities as a gift. He was sick during his birthday celebration 😦 until the weekend.. so it was the first weekend that he was unable to visit me on our house. He is sick yet he still insists visiting me even though we had just seen each other. (Up to this day, he just missed 1 Sunday? or 2? I can’t recall hahaha basta he just missed visiting me when he is sick, hope this one will never change until our last day as boyfriends and girlfriend). Highlight of the month is my brother”s birthday celebration and resumed with our beer night on our house right after eating outside. I guess, his highlight of the month is that I sent him a video of me dancing “Kiki, do you love me? Are you ridin’?” hahaha.. by the way he also have this hobby of saving all video clips of me (me kissing him online, doing baby talks, cleansing my face.. etc hahaha) Ended June attending a Sportsfest and heading back home and us having our first videoke together. He is really good at singing “Stigmatized” 🙂

August 2018 – I was having a hard time at the office so he treat me with a quick potato corner date on the mall. Oh, I was still playing ML pala at this month hahaha. There was this a photo of us in SNR whereas he waiting until 9PM (3hrs of waiting after his shift) for us to have pizza together. Still craving for tacos so we made Mama do one and we have our first Homemade Taco Date together. We were having our fight as well on this month (can’t recall what it is though, though I know WHO are we arguing about LOL) he bought me milk tea and a fries.. we were just talking at the side of my office building. Just talking. And ofcourse, Love wins. I think I treat him with Milk Tea in return as shown in the pic. This month was his first footstep on my bestfriend Sarah’s home as we visited her and brought her some of my baby gifts. I also got a chance to meet for the first time his bestfriends. Got home wearing his shirt and with his Mama’s cooked foodies such as menudo, spag and what else is inside? Can’t recall basta ang dami. Love, anong meron ng August bakit ang daming pagkain? Is it Fiesta?? I guess we are still having our cold fight here cause there’s this pic where he bought me my first tripod along with a monopod as a monthsary gift – and ofcourse, we took our first pic using these gifts together. We ate at Mang Inasal, have my construction worker kaen there lol. This month was the month I have my first overnight on their home hahaha I requested VL and told everyone in the house that I had pasok haha but reality is that I spent my whole shift on Lorenz’ residence. We watch Hereditary while drinking beers and eating pichipichi ❤ (Singit lang ulit, hayy I’m such as spoiled girlfriend, Mark Lorenz. Lahat ng gusto kong kainin binibigay mo hahaha handa na akong maglihi charot) We also had our first PHYSICAL scrabble together hahaha (he always wins this game over me hmp!) Ended August with my promotion celebration. Thank you, love, for being with me. Thru the ups and downs of my career. I love you so much!

September 2018 – my birthmonth!! ❤ Started the month with us going on Eastwood church (He always brings me here to pray, majority of the moments he shared with me is that he goes there usually to pray for thanks to God by bring me on his life, to strengthen our relationship.. hayyy thank you Lord for giving me this man. I am teary eyed and smiling as I was typing this, ngayon ko kasi naalala ulit how frequent we are on that church.. and nasasad ako kasi nakakalimot na tayo mahal ko. Let’s go back there again, our usual stopover every week my shift ends) We watch The Hows of Us (our 3rd movie date ba to mahal ko?) I attended Sportsfest sleeveless and Mark Lorenz was like “Woah. Sexy!” hahahahha inaakit ko talaga sya kaya ako nakaganon hahahaha. Since then, we had this every morning videocall (Night shift ako, before I sleep we will always have this nakaw video call time him sneaking during his office hours) We had tasted the much awaited Reeses Ice Cream and we were so disappointed hahaha – this was our version of Family Mart date. He captured me sleeping with my mouth open grr! We had our first date at Army Navy. We also witnessed together my bestfriend giving birth to her first child. Made my own version of nachos.. he gave me my fave blueberry cheesecake. Have a quick dinner date on PeriPeri Cubao while wearing the shirts we wore on our first official date (and this not even planned at all — am I correct, us wearing those shirts?) Aaand my birthday cake. He waited for my birthday to come, soon as the clock ticked 12midnight. We were having a video chat. He planned this so that he’s the first one to greet me on my special day. After my shift ends, he surprised me with cake and a gift handing it as he waited for me on the lobby. He was supposed to record my reaction but he failed because he is too excited as well hahaha. As soon as we arrived home and I opened the gifts, he gave me my first white shoes along with a love letter ❤ He made my dream of having that Contis’ cake come true! The day after, we traveled to Olongapo – my hometown. I have him met my relatives from my mother’s side and what’s cute is that my uncles were already approving of our relationship and even excited for our wedding. We had our first beach together! That’s the highlight of our September. (I was thinking again, Lorenz spoiling me of these things, hayy!)

October 2018 – We watched Exes Baggage (puro Local pala pinagnonood natin mahal ko hahaha) This month we discovered that you look like exactly the man on ‘Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig MV’ hahaha! I cooked you lunch this month – that experiment corned beef with potato (I made something different with that potato and db It tasted so well?!) I think I had this second overnight in your house, we bought groceries in Savemore e. I attended my first Leadership Planning session and as usual, sinundo mo ako right after. The morning after it, you cooked bananaque for me (coz again I was craving for it.. thank you mahal ko!) I steal your childhood pics 😀 I sent you my “Lorenz.. may bungal ako gitna.. anong gagawin!” (non verbatim hahah basta yun yon!) We ended the month with you waiting for almost 7hours when I was having my hair rebonded. You being supportive brought me jolly hotdog and took snapchat shots as you were so bored hahaa.

November 2018 – Peak season has almost entered, you worked from home in our home after mo ko sinundo sa office 😀 so I stayed for almost a few hours I guess even if I extended my shift na (we watched The Incredibles 2 kahit napanood na natin to) We cooked ginataang halohalo because you are craving for one. We also attended Baby Primo’s Christening (you met my highschool boy friends unofficially though haha and you also met my ex there LOL) You also sacrificed your sleeping hours just to hatid me on the office as I have so many things to carry since it was my first team building with my first legit team. We ate our first HOBING at Bon Chon. You took photos of me outside your house, in your street where Christmas Lights and Parols are decorated so beautifully. I felt so pretty during that time kahit bagong gising ako hahah cause you made me feel like I always am. Highlight of this month is when we have our first swimming together with my family at Noah’s. Biglaan lang to right? Dami kong pera neto e hahahaha.

December 2018 – I had my haircut at David’s Salon and you being supportive again coz’ I feel like ugly on my hair – made me feel like I’m still pretty. We had breakfast at Jollibee Concepcion – our first time there – as I was craving for pancake sandwich. You also fetch me on SM North after our ano bang ginawa namin basta after our activity on Home for the Aged, afterwards we went straight on my Thesismate’s house as we attended a funeral. You brought me your mom’s pasalubong to me when they went to Baguio — a jacket, lengua, banana chips, Ube Jam and Strawberry Jam. We tasted for the first time empanada from Farmer’s (coz again, cravings) along with the fresh lumpia. Hinatid mo din me as I go towards Leads Christmas Party on Greenhills bcoz I don’t know how to go there. We had our Christmas and Pre-monthsary date on Tony & Sergio’s. Exhanged gifts – you got me a watch and I got you a guitar. I said to myself, ring na lang kulang.. (and wait for it hahaha) You were also there for me when I am having my last minute Christmas Shopping and this one’s memorable, too because we also had our first DAKASI. Highlight, ofcourse is that this is our first Christmas together as official couple. 🙂 We also get to celebrate Post Christmas Dinner with my fam at Italianni’s. Dec 28 – treat him with Milk Tea because he rendered his first OTY. 😀

January 2019 – Started the year with us videochatting. We had our first Ramen Date – and ofcourse, I ate his order hahaha. We rode our first FREE Bus ride. Shopped for snacks, bbq and a drink as we are planning a beer night but then again we have our male character sleeping. We were supposed to watch UNBREAKABLE together but he ended up sleeping grr. A memory throwback of our MOA date flashed in fb. We bought Contis’ cake for your mom’s birthday. And ofcourse, it is our month!! Our 1year anniversary. We celebrated it on Baguio (and I know I still have blog utang for that as well as for our Masasa omg hahaha) You gave me a ring, though you were proposing to me already. Actually, it was a supposed to be surprise which I ruined. We were fighting over something and as your ‘let’s be okay’ na panguuto, you gave me that ring. I was crying. You were crying. So you resumed pretending like you were proposing to me (in my mind I was thinking did you get my mom’s approval of this) then screw it I said yes then you were laughing cause it was just a joke, the proposal.. but what’s real is that it is your anniversary gift to me hahaha) Thank you for bringing me to Baguio :”> You made me ride a horse, as well! Ohh, and you made me watch Game of Thrones!

February 2019 – 2nd Valentines together. You keep telling me you’re sorry you don’t have gift to me then you have a planned surprise pala. Haha mejo nakakhiya kasi nasa National Bookstore pa tayo while you handed me that stick of rose and a cake and a gift.. but it did made me smile. That was the first time I received a flower in public, thank you for making me feel beautiful again. We cooked Baked Tahod and Cheesesticks coz you were craving for it — and that’s a wrap for this month.

March 2019 – We had our first streetfoods in our home, mama cooked fishballs, kikiam and squidballs (I think those were our expense?) We are our first PIZZA Smile together – a local pizzahouse in our area and it’s masarap dba?.. We sneaked at Namanama bacause of the matagal na service. We had Captain Marvel date. We ate for the first time on that korean fastfood beside the Shawarma store. We had our first TROOPER’s date and ate chicharong bulaklak. Supposed to be we should be at SM however I am so lazy hahaha and so bagal so we ended up at Trooper’s instead. It was a post celebration to our monthsary. That’s ho we ended March.

April 2019 – You got me my first hickeys hahahaha. I sent you my tiktok video clips. We had our Avengers:Endgame date. I was having my social media detox. Nothing much on April, huh?

May 2019 – We were having our fight, cold cold fight and almost wanna give up fight. But there you are, fighting. Fighting for me and for your love for me. I love you. We had our Ramen date on a local foodhouse here in Burgos. Afterwards, a couple body massage, your treat 😀 Thank you!!! And it does not end there, we had our comeback for the Chinese Date — Lorenz’ strategy of winning me back. 😉 It has a bonus of apple cheesecake (apple?? basta, it was a super duper sweet cheesecake) We had our first NALILIGAW SA MARIKINA experience prior we landed safe haven LOL. Sinusundo mo pa din ako even after my late night training kahit you have pasok the next day.. and pinagbibigyan to order cheese pizza on Greenwich kahit hindi un ung gusto mong flavor. We were watching Game of Thrones til the end. Having this pustahan of who’s who – ended up tie score. You gave me Nooda crunch (cravings LOL) and a pair of reeses (you gave me these on our monthsary while it was raining so hard outside my office building) We had our first breakfast date on OSMOSIS, gumising ka ng maaga for this because 5AM out ko. You also went with me when I was cheering up a brokenhearted friend. The whole month of May, you were winning me back.

June 2019 – We were having that almost giving up moments.. but your love for me is so great that even though it hurts you still wanted to be with me (Lord, thank You for this man.. I am so blessed) You made me come to your relatives summer outing on Zambales.There I get to meet one of your relatives from your mother’s side. I enjoyed that weekend getaway. I wore onepiece showing my not so pretty legs but still you never made me feel that there is something that I need to be insecured with. You also let me join you as your plus one on Enchanted Kingdom – our first together here. You gave me blueberry cheesecake (as he lures, winning me back) He said he saw a tweet I made daw kaya he bought me one. We also had our FIRST MMDA ticket (though we had before pero hindi nticketan, this time it’s for real) We celebrated Father’s Day by treating Mama on Greenwich. This month, my dream phone committed suicide hahahaha.

July 2019 – You were on my side as I was emoting on the lost of my iPhone hahaha. we were at Greenhills, my first time there.. our first time there at the Shopping Mall. On this month, I also got my new phone. Your birthmonth – by which I was planning to surprise which end up not being surprise at all coz you already had a hint of it. It was my first time doing that hmp! Anyway, I know I still made you smile 🙂 Highlight of this month is our Masasa Escapade. Thank you for bringing me there.

Present time – at this hour you are already sound at sleep. I can’t think of any words to say, but I love you.. so much. And thank you, for everything that you had done, doing and will do for me. I will always be grateful to the Lord for giving me a man like you in my life. You’re the opposite of me for the most of my characters but those difference did not stop us from being into each other. I really pray that you’ll be that man that will bear my children, that man that I will be with under the same roof, that man that will be on my side as I fulfill my dreams and that man that I will share my last heartbeat with.

Mark Lorenz, I love you! Happy birthday!

PS I throwback pero hindi ko nakita dito ung sinurprise kita sa inyo, remember ung may KK and love letter in resibo.. hmm! Also, dko tuloy na account kelan natin una nakain ung takoyaki
PPS I look forward in creating more FIRSTs with you and ofcourse, more memories to be cherish!

Earl 03:41am

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