Our TAGAYTAY experience βœ”️

DISCLAIMER: this is a kwento of our trip. Not an itinerary πŸ˜„

I’ve always wanted to go Tagaytay.. because I was so curious how cool the weather there is. And I have not gone into some other places. So I’m very excited with this trip knowing that I am with my Marlo. (That’s his nickname and he was nainis before when I call him that back on the times we were just starting to “landi” each other LOL)

He planned this biglaang trip (which I am very impressed of him since one I am tamad, two he’s the one planning the trip knowing that he’s tamad too, that’s why I love him) Okay so much for the landi.

We started the morning by seeing each other at 6AM on LRT Recto. It was so cute coz instead of him fetching me at Cubao I told him to meet me on Recto instead para tipid. What’s cute is that we were conversing thru messenger capturing the timing of arrival of the train I rode so that he will get in on the same train I rode in (my train came first since I’m from Cubao then he’s from Pureza). From Recto, we rode a jeep going to the Bus Terminal which will send us to Tagaytay however bus is not around during that time and the barkers there does not know what time specifically it will be available.

After few minutes of waiting, he then decided for us to take a walk on another MRT station which is a few walks away from the Bus Terminal. As for me I’ll keep on following him as I don’t know where are we at LOL. And then we landed to MRT Central station. The coke benches were oh so cute. Another thing I love with Lorenz is that he is fond of taking pictures of me. Might that be stolen and or me posing for a picture. Some of his shots:

Few minutes of waiting the MRT came. Inside the train was us very excited on what goes along the way since it is our very first time travelling together. Told you, it’s a first.

I forgot what station we step down. As we walk towards the Bus station that will send us to Tagaytay, I really feel the excitement. Hahaha. Excited ang lola mo lol. At the bus was a smooth 1.5hrs ride I guess. Lorenz keeps on looking at the Waze App just to ensure of our location. πŸ™‚

After a few hours of bus travel, touch down Tagaytay. I really love how cool the wind is. ❀️

Our first stop was Chowking Tagaytay as I am really craving for Chao Pan and the chopsticks hahaha. Then we rode a tricycle going to People’s Park. An 80pesos tricycle ride is not so bad. As it was a Sunday morning, there are a lot of families and couples that visited the Park but it wasn’t a hassle since the area is big.

We rent a banig for us to comfortably sit on the grasses and we look for a perfect view. Good thing that the weather is somehow perfect during that time and we enjoyed our 2-3hrs banig date.

After our banig date was a long walk across the bridges on the park. Ofcourse, it’s picture time for Lorenz hahaha. As in every side that is picture worthy, he will stop and he will say “Picturan kita dito”

Yey, it was almost 1pm when we leave the park then we headed to the condotel. Few minutes of waiting for ate girl whom Lorenz had negotiated with, at last, touch down Room 2069. We were both so tired of walking but the room was so pretty cute. The gravity is pulling me to sleep. Hahaha. And yes, I fall asleep. It was 4pm if I can recall correctly when Lorenz is waking me up. He had cooked rice and fried the ulam already (since I am too lazy and has fallen to sleep) I feel loved LOL waking up with the foods already served πŸ€— We then watched a movie (Ant Man) even though I already watched it before. We had started kasi on completing the Marvel Movies prior the Infinity War screening but we failed to complete it on time yet we still continued. After Ant Man was Civil War.. (My love, after Civil War what did we watched? Hahaha All I can remember is what we did next which we prepped for swimming. Anyways..)

So we headed to the 3rd floor as to where we will be swimming. YES IN A COLD COLD WEATHER HAHAHA NAGSWIMMING PA KAME. And knowing Lorenz that has a cold blood hahahaha. But we enjoyed swimming in the pool as we kept on making lunod each other. Like, ano bang tawag dun, yung ilulublob ung ulo HAHAHAHA. After a 30min swim (di namin kinaya kasi ang lamig) we decided to go back to our room. It’s 9pm and I am craving!!! Hahahaha. So we then brought some midnight snacks in KFC and 7-11 to satisfy our cravings (but ended up with the ice cream being untouched kasi I am takaw mata)

The next day, after checking out in the room we went to the Market para matikman ang infamous Bulalo and Fried Tawilis. The bulalo was not something I am expecting but it’s good. What I did love was the tawilis! πŸ€—πŸ€— after eating, we then buy pasalubong and rode a bus on our way home.

Sorry, baligtad ung video LOL

The saddest part of the trip is us bidding goodbye to each other. But all I can say us that I enjoyed every minute we are together πŸ™‚

Again, thank you mylove for planning this trip. Looking forward for more gala with you. I love you! 😘😘😘